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Massage Memphis

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Tuesday thru Thursday

   10am - 7pm

Friday & Saturday

   10am - 4pm

Sunday & Monday - closed


The healing point offers an alternative way to heal.  Massage is proven to have the same pain-relieving effect as drugs (like aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve)? Certain drugs like nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatories work by reducing levels of substances that increase inflammation. “By reducing the inflammation — you would reduce pain,".  In my experience, massage offers longer term healing, without the dangerous and sometimes life threatening effects of medications.  Did you know that common, over the counter pain med's are linked to long term liver and heart damage?  See the recent segment on ABC...

Therapeutic massage is a general term used to describe massage with purpose.  The purpose of therapeutic massage is that both the client and practitioner have a shared goal of achieving structural changes within the body, generally through a series of regular massages. Therapeutic massage can be limited to one modality or include several modalities or types of massage. A therapeutic session all depends on what the clients needs are.  While any professional massage is therapeutic, with real health benefits , some massages focus more on relaxation.


Bobbi Lynn Carter, LMT, CSMT

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

Massage Memphis

Bethany Reedy, LMT

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.


Daisy Dean , LMT

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

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  • Headache/Migraines

  • Back Pain

  • Knee/Hip/Joint pain

  • Foot/Leg cramps

  • Overall relaxation

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