Bobbi Lynn Carter LMT, CSMT, CSSI, BCTMB


Bobbi has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003, a graduate of the Massage Institute of Memphis.  Bobbi is nationally certified with NCBTMB. Years of collaborating with chiropractors and other therapists have uniquely shaped her style and allows her to provide each client with a unique massage experience.

Bobbi has extensive and advanced training in multiple modalities such as Myofascial release, Synergetic myofascial release/structural integration(SMT/SSI), medi-cupping, orthopedic massage, Neurokinetic therapy, corrective exercise, and she is constantly expanding her knowledge through continuing education.  She uses various assessment tools to determine the best approach for each client such as gait assessment, postural deviations, orthopedic function and range of motion assessments.  


Bobbi values client participation in their treatment, incorporating self-care routines following a session to aid in continuing care at home so that the client can reach a point of living without pain.  Bobbi coaches and mentors Healing Point therapists in advanced techniques to ensure the quality of care received here is always client focused and catered to the clients needs. 

Billy Hoxie LMT CSMT

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Melanie has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008.  She is a graduate of High-Tech Institute of Memphis. Her focus has always been therapeutic massage, and she specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, and Swedish relaxation techniques. Her practice is based on providing pain relief for pathologies to include, but not limited to headaches, fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, and arthritis. 

Melanie has over 11 years of experience, and a constant drive to grow her knowledge of massage modalities to better serve her clients. She is interested in learning more about structural integration, medi-cupping, and synergetic myofascial therapy to name a few.  The passion Melanie has for her craft and helping clients is certainly expressed in her techniques. 

Becca Burks LMT

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Say hey! to Anyer, our new LMT.  Anyer is a massage therapist and graduate of Concorde Career College in Memphis, TN.  He became passionate about therapeutic massage after suffering a painful sports injury and received massage which reduced the pain and sped recovery, without the use of pain medicine.

Anyer is a people person who continually works to develop his expertise in human anatomy, body movement and corrective exercises, and incorporates this to achieve results that improve movement that can help with relaxation and recovery.  He provides relaxing, customized massage that is designed to activate the mind/muscle connection, and improve the quality of your sports performance, or overall quality of life.

Ivie Griggs LMT


Billy has been a massage therapist for 10+ years, having graduated in 2008 from High-Tech Institute in Memphis, TN with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Massage Therapy. He feels that it is important to know and understand the client in order to help the process of healing and is very focused on his clients’ individual needs. His massage is both specific and flowing, drawing from advanced training in trigger point therapy, Myofascial therapy, Swedish, and prenatal massage. Billy is especially competent in relieving chronically tight shoulders and neck. He recently completed certification in Synergetic Myofascial Therapy and looks forward to implementing this certification into his practice. Billy hopes that each client leaves with a sense of grounding and internal calm as well as an increased range of motion and a better sense of well being.

Melanie Markwell LMT


Becca graduated from the Massage Institute of Memphis in 2005. She is passionate about maintaining the mind, body, and spirit of her clients, and believes that bodywork is essential in contributing to one’s overall wellbeing.  Becca addresses client’s individually and will customize your session to your specific needs.  Beccas therapeutic approach is influenced by and combines Swedish with deep tissue, and Thai techniques. Her collaborative approach helps bring much needed space to the body and mind of her clients.   Her positive vibe will put you at ease from hello.  She looks forward to growing and expanding her skill set with The Healing Point team.  Becca plans to focus on learning more Myofascial, and craniosacral techniques. When Becca is not studying massage, you could find her loving on her animals and plants or soaking up sunshine and exercising.

Anyer Aguero LMT


Ivie graduated from Concorde Career College in 2018.  Ivie enjoys providing both Therapeutic and Swedish massage to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation, increase mobility, and just make you feel good. 

"Massage has so many benefits for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  Pain relief from sore muscles, increased flexibility, and relaxation.  I became a massage therapist because I have personally felt the amazing effects from massage during pregnancy and I want to help others achieve optimal health in natural way.  I'm grateful and proud to be a part of The Healing Point Massage in Midtown."

She has a passion for Prenatal, and has completed special training in Prenatal and Lymphatic modalities, as well as Doula training with DONA International in 2017.  Ivie enjoys hanging out with her family and is a creative artist.