Bobbi Lynn Carter LMT CSMT

Bobbi has been a licensed massage therapist since 2003, graduating from the Massage Institute of Memphis.  Years of collaborating with chiropractors and other therapists have uniquely shaped her style and allows her to provide everyone with a unique massage experience.

She has extensive and advanced training in multiple modalities such as Myofascial release (and restacking), medi-cupping, orthopedic massage, Neurokinetic Therapy, and various types of stretching, but she is constantly expanding her knowledge through continuing education.  She has an intuitive skills with the unique ability to listen to a body throughout a session. Bobbi also values client participation in their treatment, incorporating self-care routines following a session to aid the body’s natural healing process and reconnect the client so that the client can reach a point of living without pain.

Bethany Reedy LMT

Bethany graduated from the Massage Institute of Memphis in September 2016. She studied massage with the intention of helping others achieve a life of little to no pain, and she joined The Healing Point in August 2017 to further realize this dream. She works to accommodate each client by being mindful and transparent not only during intake, but also during the massage. By focusing on each guest’s sense of comfort and session goals (i.e. pain management, increased range of motion, relaxation), she can help to achieve therapeutic results without pain or discomfort. She strives to assist everyone in reaching their goals so that they can live happier, healthier lives. Modalities she currently draws from include Swedish, medi-cupping, therapeutic, and Neurokinetic Therapy. However, she is enthusiastic to continue learning new techniques she can integrate into her massage to further assist her clients.

Daisy Dean LMT

Daisy graduated from Mind Body Institute in Nashville, Tennessee in February 2017 and joined The Healing Point team in April 2018.

Daisy’s mindful approach focuses on uncovering and resolving underlying issues along with treating the body as a whole, in order to provide relief from chronic discomfort, as well as leave you feeling more relaxed. Daisy integrates a variety of techniques into a session, such as deep tissue, myofascial release, active isolated stretching, and Swedish massage to promote pain/tension relief and relaxation. Her passions outside of massage include the great outdoors, reading, painting, animals, and spending time with family and friends.

Ann Godfrey LMT

Ann Godfrey attended Heritage Career College in Kansas City, Missouri, receiving an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies with a concentration in Massage Therapy. Her decision to become a Massage Therapist came after breaking her leg. The therapeutic treatment prescribed to her was physical therapy, but Ann recognized that her recovery would have occurred more quickly and effectively if she had also been receiving massage. Her experience led to finding her life’s purpose in helping others heal through massage. Ann has been a massage therapist for 8 years and incorporates modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Hot Stone into her practice. She utilizes her"gait assessment" training to further customize each session. Her strong and confident  style is  integrated with a compassionate touch and a genuine love for the healing arts.

Billy Hoxie LMT CSMT

Billy has been a massage therapist for 10+ years, having graduated in 2008 from High-Tech Institute in Memphis, TN with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Massage Therapy. He feels that it is important to know and understand the client in order to help the process of healing and is very focused on his clients’ individual needs. His massage is both specific and flowing, drawing from advanced training in trigger point therapy, Myofascial therapy, Swedish, and prenatal massage. Billy is especially competent in relieving chronically tight shoulders and neck. He recently completed certification in Synergetic Myofascial Therapy and looks forward to implementing this certification into his practice. Billy hopes that each client leaves with a sense of grounding and internal calm as well as an increased range of motion and a better sense of well being.

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