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What an incredible experience, from the moment I opened and entered, until I closed it behind me, leaving.  The staff and environment at The Healing Point are so inviting and pleasant.  The spa atmosphere is impeccably serene and soothing.  My therapist, Bethany, sized me up immediately, in terms of my specific therapeutic needs, and approached my massage with purpose, expertise and natural talent.  Talk about healing hands!  I highly recommend The Healing Point!

Angela Merideth Mar 7, 2019

Very professional, accomdating, knowledgeable & Billy has some skills.  His hands are gifted!  I didn't feel rushed like any chain massage business nor like they were giving me a sales pitch.  Very knowlegeable and invormative about my problem areas.  I scheduled my next appointment before I left!  Great experience, ask for Billy...after me LoL

Chutney Young   July 21, 2019
Shameem Rohani   June 21, 2019

I injured myself 6 years ago and have seen physical therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, back specialists, and other massage therapists over the years.  None of them could pinpoint my issue or help me find relief.  I went into The Healing Point Massage expecting much of the same but Bobbi figured out exactly what my problem was within 10 minutes of talking to me!  In an hour and a half she healed me more than I ever thought possible.  Im convinced that she's a wizard.

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